A New Resource for African Environmental Defenders

On International Human Rights Day, Natural Justice and the International Land Coalition present African Environmental Defenders: https://envirodefenders.africa/

This past weekend, the Guardian reported on the latest assassinations of indigenous environmental defenders; this time, two indigenous leaders were killed in a driveby shooting in Brazil. Every week the media is reporting on the deaths, harassment and intimidation of environmental defenders throughout the world and it is becoming more dangerous for those who live in and defend their territories from states and companies seeking to extract their resources. 

African Environmental Defenders play an important role in protecting their lands and ecosystems from unsustainable industrial development, logging and extractive projects. However, the nature of their work can expose them to significant risks because of the political and monetary powers they stand up against. 

Having worked with African communities for over eleven years, Natural Justice understands what is at stake and is committed to supporting African Environmental Defenders. Together with the International Land Coalition, we will be administering a fund to support environmental and land defenders who find themselves in emergency situations due to the nature of their work. 

The funding is currently for those who are members of the International Land Coalition only, but future funds may be made available to those who are not connected to the ILC but meet the criteria of African Environmental Defenders

And so, today on International Human Rights Day, we are proud to launch the website, African Environmental Defenders – a resource that can help to support African environmental defenders who are at the frontlines of defending their territories. 

Visit the site to find out:

  1. More about the types of support available
  2. If you are eligible to apply
  3. How to apply  

Natural Justice, the International Land Coalition and our partners will be contributing and growing this resource into the future. We are proud to be part of something so crucial to African communities and environmental defenders.

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